A Small Step Through MSP430


MSP430 LaunchPad

MSP430 LaunchPad

I have been using Arduino for along time. For one of my lessons, i have to use MSP430 Launchpad so i ordered from http://www.ti.com. It cost me about $10 includes with shipping. i thinks that is so cheap, in the package it comes with 2 processors, data cable and sticker.

At my first project I wrote an code for blinking a LED. It was can be an easy beginning for you but it is entertaining.
that photo is from my workshop.


The MSP-EXP430G2 LaunchPad is an easy-to-use flash programmer and debugging tool for the MSP430G2xx Value Line microcontrollers. It features everything you need to start developing on an MSP430 microcontroller device. It has on-board emulation for programming and debugging and features a 14/20-pin DIP socket, on-board buttons and LEDs & BoosterPack-compatible pinouts that support a wide range of plug-in modules for added functionality such as wireless, displays & more.

My Workshop at MSP430 LaunchPad

My Workshop at MSP430 LaunchPad

#include <MSP430.h>;

unsigned short wGecikme;
void main()
WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD; // Stop watchdog timer
P1SEL &amp;= (~BIT0); // Set P1.0 SEL for GPIO
P1DIR |= BIT0; // Set P1.0 as Output
P1OUT = 0x01; // Set P1.0 HIGH
P1OUT = 0x00; // Set P1.0 HIGH


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Ekim 5, 2014 tarihinde MSP430 içinde yayınlandı ve , , , olarak etiketlendi. Kalıcı bağlantıyı yer imlerinize ekleyin. Yorum yapın.

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