MSP430 With 5110 screen

In my this project i will use an 5110 mobile phone’s LCD screen with msp430g2553.
All we need is an msp430, cables and 5110 screen.
5110 screen has PCD8544 controller.
I used an created library for my project that i found from web.

My project is about and traffic light system.
The processor counts from 60 to 0. at that time interval vehicles can pass from their way.
after that counter start counting from 30 to 0. At this time interval pedestrians can use the way.
This project can be improve that i will. But for now this is the end of that project.

MSP430 With 5110 screen

MSP430 With 5110 screen



I won’t give all the codes but i will give the important codes.

For example;

LCD_gotoXY(40,1); // means go the 40. pixel at x direction and 2nd row
// rows starts from 0 (zero)
LCD_writeString(“Walker”); // after selecting the position we can write our string
// that is defined before at “PCD8544.h”
__delay_cycles(1000000); // you can use this function from “msp430.h”
// it means: divide 1 to your clock speed (1/(clock speed) )
// then multiply with the number in paranthesis

I hope this post would be helpful to you.

Good Luck.

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