Arduino Sonar System

Today, i will briefly introduce about my graduation project.

My project is making sonar with Arduino Mega R3.

System Design

           System Design

The equipments that i used:

Arduino Mega R3
Hc-sr04 x2
Futaba S3003 Servo Motor.
3.2″ TFT LCD Screen
Shield for TFT LCD Screen
12V-1A Dc Power Supply x2

As you know HC-SC04 distance sensors measured the distance with speed of sound.
Also we know that distance is equal to velocity times time (x=v.t).
At an certain degree my sensors measures whole time (going forward and coming back)
I divide that time by two and multiply bu speed of sound in terms of cm/us.
this is about 1/29. So my equation becomes; Distance = (time duration/2)/29.

At the beginning for automatic mode; press auto at the screen and for manual mode press at the screen.
You can exit from the modes by pressing stop.

Rotationary Part

Rotationary Part

Then let’s talk about rotationary system. I placed one of my sensor at 0 degrees and another at 180 degrees.
They stand opposite to each other. While my servo motor is on , it turns from 0 to 180 degree and comes back
to origin (zero degree). In mean time one my sensor measures distance from 0 to 180 degree interval and other one is measures
180 to 360 degrees interval.

If it gets and object it multiplies the distance with cosine of angle for x-axis, with sine for y-axis.
Than i mapped my corrdinates to my radar cirle. It runs as this at automatic mode.

Sreen Design

Sreen Design

At manual mode , our only difference is input for servo motor in degree. I gave the input from joystick.
Also you can observe the x,y coordinates and distances for both sensors at manual mode.

I am going to post a video of my system while it is working.

Sincerely Yours.

ozturkgokhan hakkında

Electrical and electronics engineer. In turkey.

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