Button Control on App Inventor 2

Hi everyone,
Today i hope i will create my first android application. As i said, i never intented to make
an android application before but i always curious about it. I will use app inventor to build.
App inventor created by google and now it is developing by MIT so the programme is called now by MIT App Inventor (2).

Firstly, i worked online but my wi-fi are is restricted so i searched any possibility about working offline, now i am using offline and  application’s emulator to see my programme’s working.

Secondly, i wanna mention about documents on the web. Generally all applications are same, like; barcode application, playing sound, etc. But i think we should learn the basics step by step like;  using buttons,etc.

Finally, we can start my first application. Purpose of this applicaion is to learn the usage of buttons.

Let’s start;

I dragged two buttons and one label from “user interface” at left side and dropped to “Viever”. And also used “Tablearrangement” from “layout”. Layout helps us to keep items on together.

design screen

Then, i switched my screen from “designer” to  “blocks” at right up side. After these i created a variable named “total1”, it keeps the number that will increased/decreased by buttons.


Later on, i connected the emulator from connect -> Emulator.

Here our emulator screen.


gökhan öztürk

ozturkgokhan hakkında

Electrical and electronics engineer. In turkey.

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